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Ruffian Greats Photo Album Page 1

Ruffian dogs that made AST history through their contributions to what you see today

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Photos may not be copied or downloaded without permission from Jodi Petiach.

CH Ruffian Red Rock Of HarWyn

DOB 9/72
Breeder: Peggy Harper, HarWyn
CH Ruffian Skybolt of HarWyn X Ruffian Golden Lady of HarWyn

Pal won the STCA National Specialty 2 times.
Other wins include:
4 All Breed BIS
28 Group I's


CH Patton's Red Rock Skillet,OFA

DOB 7/75
Breeder: Walter Patton,MD
CH Ruffian Red Rock Of HarWyn X CH Atchley's Fanny

Skillet also won the STCA National Specialty 2 times. The 2nd win was from the Veteran Class as a 9 1/2 year old.


CH Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt

DOB 12/77
Breeder: Susan Rodgers,Tryarr
CH Ruffian Skybolt of HarWyn X CH Tryarr Strawberry Fields

Redbolt is THE leading sire of Champions with 65. RedBolt at one time held the canine world Weight Pull Record, and appeared on the prime-time TV Show, "That's Incredible!"


White Rock Grover,OFA

DOB 11/72
Breeder: Richard Pascoe,White Rock
CH Ruffian Hercules of HarWyn X CH Archer's Muneca Dulsie de G's,CD

Legendary canine athlete. Grover could clear a 6 foot fence from a squat.


CH White Rock Jet Bomber,OFA

DOB 1/74
Breeder: Richard Pascoe,White Rock
CH Ruffian Hercules of HarWyn,OFA X CH Archer's Munceca Dulsie De G's,CD

Full brother to White Rock Grover,OFA. A leading sire of Champions.


CH Patton's White Rock Penny

DOB 7/77
Breeder: Walter Patton,MD
White Rock Grover,OFA X CH Patton's Texas Belle Lucy

Dam of 11 Champions.


CH Atchley's Fanny

DOB 7/73
Breeder: Feral Atchley
King Bear of LouLin X CH Pascoe's White Rock Christi,CD

A top producing dam, Fanny produced Champions when bred to 3 different stud dogs. Her most notable litter included the 3 littermates CH Patton's Red Rock Skillet OFA, CH Patton's Texas Belle Lucy, CH Patton's Red Rock Josephine.


CH Sky King Of HarWyn

DOB 1963
Breeder: Peggy Harper, HarWyn
X-pert Rowdy Rascal X Ruffian Gerty of HarWyn

Sky King is one of the most important dogs in Ruffian history. He produced other important Ruffians such as CH Ruffian Sky Bolt of HarWyn & CH Ruffian Harper of HarWyn. His brother, Blitz, is also an influential dog in many Ruffian pedigrees. Sky King's record of 3 National Specialty wins is unequaled to this day.


CH Ruffian Hercules of HarWyn

DOB 2/69
Breeder: Peggy Harper
CH Ruffian Gray Boy of HarWyn X Ruffian Blue Miss of HarWyn

Hercules is another top producing sire. Some of his noted get include CH White Rock Jet Bomber OFA, White Rock Grover OFA, CH Ruffian Little Herc of HarWyn,CD.


CH White Rock Perry The Fridge,CD,CGC,OFA,ROH

DOB 12/85
Breeder: Richard Pascoe, White Rock
CH White Rock Jet Bomber,OFA X CH Patton's White Rock Penny

Stud dog winner at '93 National. Sire of multiple Champions.


CH Ruffian Headlight Hal

DOB 1/42
Breeder: Clayton Harriman
CH The Ruffian X Calamity Anne

Important foundation dog for Peggy Harper's HarWyn kennel.


CH Rowdytown's HardRock Cafe,OFA,TT

DOB 9/87
Breeder: Gigi Sager,Rowdytown
CH Herring's Red Skillet,OFA,TT X CH Rowdytown Brilliant,TT

HardRock is a double grandson of the legendary CH Patton's Red Rock Skillet,OFA. HardRock's many accomplishments include, Breed Winner at '92 National Specialty, UKC National Grand Champion, Multiple IKC & GLTA Specialty wins, ARBA Champion, & a top producer with over 25 AKC Champions to date, including the '94 National Specialty "Best of Winners" CH CanAm Rowdytown Iron Skillet,OFA,CGC.